“A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014.”


Kressa at 3 months


He loves bubbles, especially chasing them around and trying to pop them, which is a great way for him to burn off some energy.


“A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014.”



Play-Doh is serious business for this boy.



Tummy time! She’s getting stronger every day and is rolling over onto her back now.

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august 2014 | letters to my children

Dear Kressa,

You are now 3 months old and I can’t believe how quickly time is going! It is so exciting because you are beginning to show little bits and pieces of your personality. You love to smile and one of the best parts of my day is when I go in to get you in the morning and you give me a humongous smile with your cute chubby cheeks. You have also started daycare and seem to be doing great. I can’t wait until you can sit up so that you can start enjoying more toys and being able to see more of what is going on around you.

Your dad and I are still adjusting to life as parents of two. You have definitely made our lives a bit more hectic, but you have also made our family feel whole. You are so very loved and always will be.

Love Always,




Dear Decker,

I always smile inside when I get the inevitable question from people: “So, how does Decker like his little sister?” You have adored Kressa since the day we brought her home. You get so excited whenever you see her and you always exclaim, “Oh, she’s so cuuute!” There has never been even an ounce of jealousy since she has joined our family. You have been such a great big brother!

Lately, you are obsessed with the song, Gangnam Style. You love watching the music video on the iPad and will stand there imitating the dance moves. A few weeks back, you were entertaining Kressa with your amazing dancing. I’m so glad I captured it. You seem to get funnier and funnier by the day and find such joy in life. That makes me so happy.

Love Always,





Please visit Tamryn’s blog to read her letter, and continue through the circle until you get back here.

Letters To My Children is a monthly blog circle project I participate in, along with a group of fabulous mother photographers. You can see more of my letters to my children here.

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“A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014.”


Decker came home from school with this awesome ponytail. In his words, he was “a unicorn.” He loves helping around the house these days.


Little Miss Kressa is smiling so much now. It’s a challenge getting her to smile when I’m behind the camera (I guess the camera hides my silly faces), but we came close here.

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high five for friday


1. It took almost 3 months, but my wedding band FINALLY fits my finger again. I’ve been able to slide it on for awhile, but it was so tight I didn’t want to take the chance that it would get stuck permanently.

2. File this one in the nerd category, but I ordered this humongous book for Word 2010 for lawyers because I could not figure out how to create my own pleading paper. After following the instructions, I created my very own pleading template from scratch, and the best part is that the text actually lines up with each numbered line. (Disclaimer: the names you see here are fake. Don’t worry, I’m not breaching any attorney-client confidentiality.)

3. I love Costco so much and go there almost weekly, taking my time going down every single aisle. During my last visit, they had Halloween costumes. After debating between an owl and a pumpkin for Kressa, I went with the owl and the best part is, it was only $12.99. Decker really wants to be Spider-Man, but they didn’t have any in his size, so hopefully I’ll be able to find one at one of the other Costco locations.

4. We finally got our house cleaned and I think I may have found a house cleaner who is actually good at cleaning. Seriously, I have been through so many cleaning people and they never seem to clean up to my standards. The last one was so bad, we decided to get rid of her while I was 8 months pregnant because I would rather clean myself than pay someone to do a sub-par job. This new gal is super detail oriented. She even cleaned behind the stove and refrigerator, the baseboards and the tracks in our sliding windows. I think we found a keeper!

5. And this week marks the end of the first full week of me being back at work and both Decker and Kressa being in daycare. Kressa has been doing great. Before she started, my biggest concern was whether she was going to be able to nap, but she seemed to improve each day and yesterday, slept for 2.5 hours for one of her naps. I’m responsible for drop-off and am slowly getting into a morning routine with both kids.

What were some of the highlights from your week?

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